Friday, December 17, 2010

Shashi Bhushan Bharti, a PhD Candidate at the Centre, with his debut book "The China Factor In ROK- U.S. Relations: Trilateral approach"

Shashi Bhushan Bharti, a PhD Candidate in Korean Division at the Centre, in his debut book "The China Factor In ROK- U.S. Relations: Trilateral approach".
"South Korean Peninsula has been the flash point of conflicts between the two power blocks right since the beginning of Cold War. Korea got divided like many other countries namely Vietnam, Germany etc. because of the onset of cold-war between the two superpowers two power blocks. Since then the world politics has been partially determine by the events/happenings in the Korean peninsula or to put it more appropriately in the North-East Asia as like China, Japan, Taiwan (Formosa) and even South-East Asia, through ought Cold War period Korea like Japan remained as flash point for two super powers two power blocks. In post cold war the relevance of South Korea as a strategic partner has not decline precisely because China still remained as a communist state despite having embraced market-led economic system. South Korea's geo-strategic importance becomes all the more relevant because of other half of Korea ie, North Korea still remains communist and has gone nuclear recently. Relations between the United State and Korea have expanded at great extent after the Korean War (1950-1953)"- Book's Blurb

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