Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dr. Geeta Kochhar, An Assistant Professor in Chinese Language at SLL&CS, on "Spring Festival and Valentine-A Dilemma"

This year Chinese Spring festival coincides with Valentines day. Is this a good omen or a big dilemma for the ordinary Chinese, I wonder. Young Chinese guys and girls are so glued to their loved ones that socializing with friends and family is unpopular. Rather, what a waste of time. Many of the TV serials and programmes talk about the loneliness of the elders, because the younger lot has no time for them. Now for the generation X,Y, Z has new reasons to stay away from the family this spring festival--Its Valentine Day. So where are the family norms moving? What kind of new social culture is evolving in China? Its so much of a complexity to decipher.


  1. right, the valentines day is a good excuse to spend time with the beloved, but it is not the sole reason for the loneliness of the elders . the entire material culture and its pressures are responsible for it. the old system cannot survive in an environment so hostile to it.

  2. i wuld like to refer here the quotings by ji xiao jie in her blog the dialogue of a junior exec "It is easier to meet people now, but it is harder to find the right one ", if this is understood in its full content by every youngster, then the relationships which hav been forgotten in the busy life to create a good life may rejuvenate and everyone can lead a fresh lease of life to their full hearts content. lets hope everyone understands the importance of relationships and live upto it..


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